Index of /temp/music/David Torn - Only Sky (2015) (smol) [jazz]

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FILE 02 - Spoke with folks.mp3 audio/mpeg 6MiB
FILE 03 - Ok, shorty.mp3 audio/mpeg 3MiB
FILE 07 - Only sky.mp3 audio/mpeg 8MiB
FILE 01 - At least there was nothing.mp3 audio/mpeg 7MiB
DIR Artwork directory 8B
FILE folder.jpg image/jpeg 77KiB
FILE 04 - Was a cave, there....mp3 audio/mpeg 11MiB
FILE 06 - I could almost see the room.mp3 audio/mpeg 12MiB
FILE 05 - Reaching barely, sparely fraught.mp3 audio/mpeg 7MiB
FILE 08 - So much what.mp3 audio/mpeg 4MiB
FILE 09 - A goddamned specific unbalance.mp3 audio/mpeg 8MiB