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FILE Davies - The role of scientific explanation in addressing the easy and hard problems of consciousness.pdf application/pdf 201KiB
FILE Zaiga Thomann - Bolzano.pdf application/pdf 125KiB
FILE Parsonage - Philosophy of Mathematics.pdf application/pdf 621KiB
FILE Humphries - Resolving the Banach-Tarski Paradox.pdf application/pdf 224KiB
FILE Henshaw - Inductive Reasoning in the Deductive Science.pdf application/pdf 120KiB
FILE Porter - The pointlessness of the point null p-value.pdf application/pdf 112KiB
FILE Taylor - Computable reals and constructible sets.pdf application/pdf 148KiB
FILE Harding - Philosophy of Fractals.pdf application/pdf 318KiB
FILE Stephanie Wright - What Is Randomness?.pdf application/pdf 223KiB