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FILE Greene - Entropy and the Big Bang.pdf application/pdf 6MiB
FILE Randall - Demystifying Dimensions.pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Hawking - Space and Time.pdf application/pdf 6MiB
FILE Barrow - Selection Effects.pdf application/pdf 3MiB
FILE Sudbery - Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics.pdf application/pdf 79KiB
FILE Novikov - Black Holes and Quanta - How empty is the vacuum?.pdf application/pdf 683KiB
FILE Savitt - Introduction [to time’s arrow].pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Randall - The Evolution of Einstein's Gravity.pdf application/pdf 2MiB
FILE O’Hear - Scientific Realism.pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Novikov - The Universe after the explosion.pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Davies - Are Aliens Among Us?.pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Novokov - Light.pdf application/pdf 8MiB
FILE Albert - review of ‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence M. Krauss.pdf application/pdf 458KiB
FILE Novokov - Time Machine.pdf application/pdf 3MiB
FILE Pagels - Schrödinger's cat.pdf application/pdf 53KiB
FILE Davies - Can the Universe Create Itself?.pdf application/pdf 2MiB
FILE Feinberg and Shapiro - Life Beyond Earth.pdf application/pdf 3MiB
FILE Novikov - What is a Black Hole?.pdf application/pdf 1MiB
FILE Putnam - A Philosopher Looks at Quantum Mechanics (Again).pdf application/pdf 118KiB
FILE Novikov - Time, Space and Gravitation.pdf application/pdf 3MiB